Holly Beck

Surfing Cloudbreak Wave - 20 June 2010

Dreaming of Sharks - 21 June 2010

Diving and Paddle Boarding - 22 June 2010

Swimming with Mantas - 23 June 2010

Surfing Frigate's Pass - 24 June 2010

Bull Sharks are Amazing - 25 June 2010

About Me
Palos Verdes, California, USA

Holly is a former National Scholastic Surfing Association champ and is known for appearances on television shows such as North Shore Boardinghouse and The Best Damn Sports Show. She spends a lot of time down at her house in Nicaragua and is epic on keeping the world up to date on her travels. Holly Beck is not only one of the best female surfers on the planet but she is also a world traveler, actress, and a person who can definitely capture the world in film, photos and in print.