25 June 2010

Dreaming of Sharks

Holly Beck
21 June 2010 -

The only thing I really want to see underwater is a shark. I like colorful coral, schools of fish, turtles and all that but honestly I’m down there for the sharks. After the incredible shark-swarming dive experiences of Drop Zone Tahiti it’s a little hard to get excited about a couple of three foot white tip reef sharks. Last October I did a trip to Mexico that included swimming with whale sharks in the Bahia De Los Angeles and then one of the peak moments of my life; getting up close and personal with great whites off Guadalupe Island. When I was told that we would get a chance to dive with tiger and bull sharks on this trip I got really excited, and then a little disappointed that we’d have to wait until the second half of the trip to do it.

Diving off Seashell Cove the last couple of days was fun. We swam through a few underwater arches and explored some reef crevices, but I’ll admit I was a little bored. These dives just seem like warm-ups and time-killers until we get to meet the big toothy critters.

Now cruising aboard the Tui Tai to a dive site called Rainbow Reef that has been dubbed “the soft coral capital of the world”, I’m content. It might have something to do with finally getting a real cup of coffee after days of instant imitations. It’s too windy to surf so we’re preparing for a day of three dives followed by a village visit. All that sounds good but once again it’s hard to take my mind off those sharks we’ll get to meet in a few days.

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