28 June 2010

Pirates, Kava and The Great White Wall

Alex Gray
22 June 2010 -

Hello World. Bam! Straight into diving this morning. The group had a mellow one for Bede’s first dive after his certification. Bede and Maria are so comfortable under water for this being their first dive trip. The food on the boat is amazing. After a quick lunch we jammed on over to “the Great White Wall”. There was a radical swim through that started at 40 feet and ejaculated at 90 feet. Upon exiting the cave I made a sharp left turn and witnessed why it was called the great white wall. Right there in front of my sunburned face was a blanket of rolling white soft coral as wide as a Fijians smile. One of the most beautiful sights I have encountered through diving. Cheyne and I have turned into pirates, and climbed the mast to jump off it before sunset. Night time took over and we had dinner on the beach. The lobster really tickled my taste buds. There was a group of local Fijians drinking kava. I waddled over for a few lip numbing drinks. I had a dream about diving with Jessica Alba.

You stay naked………….World

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