28 June 2010

It Reminded Me of Pandora...

Cheyne Magnusson
22 June 2010 -

Stardate June 22nd, 2010 earth time 4:33 PM. We have just finished up our first day of epic diving off the Tui Tai in the north of Fiji and I am stoked. Our first dive was a drift dive along an outer reef just to get acquainted with our new underwater surroundings. We saw some cool stuff: sharks, parrot fish, and my personal favorite Christmas tree worms. Those little things are super fun to see and it reminded me of Pandora from “Avatar.” We surfaced and went back to our floating Hilton and had lunch. After that we dove the great white wall which is thus far my favorite dive yet. We saw some awesome sea life, the highlights of which included: giant groupers, soft coral, and a “horny oyster.” It was an awesome dive and everyone high fived afterwards. It was cool to have Bede along with us because he has never dove in the tropics and he was freaking out about everything! Its always fun to be there for people’s first experiences because it becomes contagious. At the moment I am sipping a Fiji bitter writing this blog about to get a Swedish massage on our boat shaped paradise. Life is good.

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