28 June 2010

The Great White Wall

Bede Durbidge
22 June 2010 -

I just came in from diving the great white wall. Wow!! that is one place you have to dive in your life. It’s amazing it is so colorful and feels like you're in a fish tank. I thought the diving would be good over here but it has blown me away how surreal it is down there.

This morning we decided to go to the natural water slide which was really cool. Alex and
Cheyne were having a ball tackling each other down it and goofing around .

We have definitely been making the most of our days on the boat. We have been fitting in any activity we can. There is just so much to do besides diving - it's great. We have been fishing a bit but haven’t had much luck. I lost a couple of good ones and landed one stinky Barracuda, so I'm still waiting for the big one.

We are hoping to see some Manta Rays this afternoon so that will be really cool. Then tomorrow we are heading to Frigets to try and score some waves. Fingers crossed its pumping I'm really excited to get some barrels.

Talk to you soon.


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