29 June 2010

Waterfalls, Rays and Locals

Maria Del Mar Gonzalez
23 June 2010 -

At 7:00 am, we went to a waterfall to go to the natural slides. That waterfall is like a water park. We were like little kids running all around and sliding in the waterfall. Cheyne pants broke. That was so funny. Alex got scars in everywhere. Cheyne and Alex are insane; they slide backwards and with the head first. They make everything look more excited. Holly and I slide together in once, and we hit each other. She hit me with her knee and I don’t know with what I hit her, but that was a little painful. We didn’t care and we keep jumping all around the place like monkeys. Without wants to leave, we left back to the Tui Tai boat to get our breakfast. At 10:00 am we went to dive to the Great White Wall. Holly was my buddy and during our dive we saw two little fish around a coral. I stayed there looking them and they were so friendly. It was so cute. The fish was like Nemo, but yellow and blue lines. After this dive, we returned to the Tui Tai boat to eat our breakfast.

It was our last day at Tui Tai boat, so we decide to visit a village. We played volleyball and we gave them snorkels, masks and finds. They were so happy! Then we got a couple of kids to a ride at the standup paddle board. Kids were excited.

At dinner time, we ate a grouper fish that Owe, one of the guys part of the boat crew, hunted when we were looking for manta ray. I forgot to say that Holly swam with one manta ray. We were snorkeling and we saw this manta ray and Holly got under the water to swim with it. It was amazing; she was so close to the manta ray. She is crazy! It was great!

After dinner Alex, Cheyne and I were dancing and drinking Kava with the boat crew. I show them how to dance reggeaton and they were showing us how to dance like Fijians. They were showing us the car wash, fishing dance and Cheyne show us the worm dance. It was so funny! We had a good time for our last day at the Tui Tai boat.

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