25 June 2010

A Long Drive to Luxury...

Maria Del Mar Gonzalez
21 June 2010 -

After more than four hour driving, we finally got on to the boat. We were a little desperate at the car, but once we were at the boat we were looking so relaxed. I was like: “thank God that I am here out of the car and out of Alex’s farts!” his farts were suffocating me!

By the way, this boat is incredibly gorgeous. It looks like a pirate ship. You name an activity and they take you to enjoy it. You can go dive, surf, fish, mountain bike, kayak, etc. Well, just name it and you will get it. The boat trip includes a foot massage, which is good. You have good food on it and drinks all the time.

When I got into the boat I was surprised. I can’t believe that I am here. This is amazing! I feel like a millionaire! I can’t wait to see what is next! This trip gets better and better everyday!

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