22 June 2010


Alex Gray
19 June 2010 -

Hello world. Tavarua. That’s right, I said it! Normally if you aren’t staying on Tavarua, it is forbidden to go on the island or surf the world class reefs surrounding it. But, thanks to Bob Para from Air Tahiti, we got the hall pass! Poseidon was on our side and granted us with 4 foot glassy, cloud break. Oh, and we were the only people out! I tried to tell Cheyne to go to school and he said “no brah, I’m in the tube!” I was really impressed with how confident Maria was over the shallow reef. Holly had a nic turn. After surfing, the generous people of Tavarua were nice enough to bring us on their island for lunch. We finished the day off with a bitchin dive. Ultra bitchin!

You stay naked………….WORLD

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