21 June 2010

Best Birthday Ever...

Alex Gray
18 June 2010 -

Hello world. June 18th was my birthday and thanks to the DZ crew it was one of the best ever! The day started off with a crystal clear blue dive. I ran into an illusive Puerto Rican Porpois. That was stiffening to say the least….. After that we had a quick lunch and headed back down on the regulators. Are you for scuba?? I saw a foot white tip (just the tip) and a turtle. The day finished off with a few Fiji bitters. All time. Thanks boyz for the epic BDAY!

You stay naked………..WORLD

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  1. Bula Alex, I know Fiji Bitter and Beaches very well as I was born and raised in Fiji. Thanks for your support to Fiji. www.FijiWheelChairs.com is how I am helping Fiji. Chet