22 June 2010

Kava and Sharks...

Maria Del Mar Gonzalez
20 June 2010 -

Last night at the Sea Shell Cove, we enjoyed a ceremony of Fijian dance and Kava, an original local drink. The Fijian took everyone at the resort to dance. There was a lot of energy and happiness. We all drank Kava, laughed a lot and had a great time enjoying the Fijian ceremony. When you want more Kava, you just have to say “Taki” and they give you more. Be careful not to drink too much Kava!

The next morning we went to dive at the canyon close to Sea Shell Cove. We did two dives. We didn’t see that much on the first dive, just fish and colorful coral reefs. When I came up to the boat I heard Alex and Cheyne saying that they saw three sharks. I was like: “what?! I didn’t see any! And I really want to see one”. So we decided to dive again. This time I saw two sharks. One came to just five feet away from me and I stayed behind a rock watching it moving around. It was a great experience for my first time and a good warm up for our next dives. The shark was not even three feet long, but it was still a shark and scary!

Tomorrow, we are going to a boat to dive and surf. It will be a great experience! It will be my first trip in a boat to surf and, of course, to dive. I can’t wait to be there. The best part is I will enjoy the trip with a nice group of surfers (Holly, Cheyne and Alex). I would love to see what is going to happen next!

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  1. Shark diving is fun! Enjoy.
    I was wondering why you are wearing a weight belt? If you use the integrated weight pockets on your BC you will much more comfortable. That's what they are for... Cheers. OL