28 June 2010

Sharks and Fire Coral

Maria Del Mar Gonzalez
22 June 2010

Yesterday, we went diving twice. These dives were more exciting than the other ones at the main island. Here, corals are so colorful and there are different sea plants and corals. There are a lot of different kinds of fish too. The current was so strong, but we had fun anyway. I saw a shark on the first dive and it was getting close to me, but when it was almost three feet away, it left. On the second dive I saw another shark, but it was at the end. It was pretty scary. But I am getting some training for the dive we are going to make with the tiger and bull sharks.

On my second dive I hit a fire coral. There are so many that is difficult to avoid them when the current is so strong. So I heard that lime is good for the fire coral cuts. When we returned to the boat, I let Alex to put lime on my cut. The cut was on fire before the lime, but after it was hurting so bad that I almost cried. He put the lime on so rough that it was worse. After a lot of pain, the cut was looking better and feeling better too. I realized that the lime works very well for this kind of cut. If you get a fire coral cut, put some lime on it. It really works!

At night time, we had a dinner at the beach. All the boat crew prepared it for us. It was awesome and different. We ate lobster, fish and rice. The food was amazing! Before and after the food, Alex, Cheyne and I drank some Kava to relax. After the great dinner, we all returned to the boat to sleep and wait for another amazing day in Fiji.

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