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07 July 2010

Another Nightmare!

Maria Del Mar Gonzalez
26 June 2010 -

We get back to the Sea Shell Cove and we went to Tavarua to get a boat and go surf to Cloudbreak. Again! It was bigger than the first day we surf it. I surfed for a couple of hours and in one wave another nightmare happened to me! The tide was getting low. I cut a wave all the way to the inside, I tried to hit it and I didn’t land it. I hit the reef with my knee and under the water I was feeling the pain. Then, I tried to do a duck dive and I was literally between the reef and rocks trying to do a duck dive. At that moment, I realized that I was over the reef, it was so dry. I walked the entire reef to get out of there. I have too many cuts. When I was walking I was trying to get to the Jet Ski thinking that I was almost there, but I wasn’t. A wave was coming over me again and dragging me more back to the reef. After three tries I said to myself: “Oook! At the next chance I will run over the reef and get out of here!” And I did it! There were a lot of coral’s hands trying to get me, but I got out of there. It was bad! After this, I finally got on the Jet Ski and the guy gave me a ride back to the wave. I wait a while and I got another wave and you know what happened? A contact lens came out from my eye! I am so blind so I went to the boat to get another contact lens, but we left because other boat was coming! What didn’t happen to me in this trip?! Everything!! But thank God, I survived again!

25 June 2010

One Massive Pirate Ship

Cheyne Magnusson
21 June 2010 -

So today we travelled from the south of Fiji to the north. We had to get up super early and we were still late as usual. I really enjoyed taking the little island hoppers because the view of Fiji from the sky is nothing less than breath taking. All the little islands and barrier reefs surrounding them make for a really entertaining flight! All I could think of was what was swimming around those reefs and if anyone had ever dove them. When we touched down in Vanua Levu we were informed that our car ride to the Tui Tai would be about three hours. Six hours and about thirty farts later we pulled up to a little cove with a MASSIVE pirate ship anchored in it. I was freaking it was like seeing captain hook’s ship from peter pan. We took the dingy out and were greeted by about fifteen crewmembers singing and handing us leis. The “boat” was more like a floating five-star resort complete with fully stocked bar and spa. So we all indulged in a few cocktails and talked about who was going to jump off the mast first and pulling a mutiny on board and just living on the boat. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be able to come on these trips and today was just another reminder how blessed we all are.

22 June 2010

Drop Zone Fiji Trip Here I Come

Bede Durbidge
19 June 2010

I'm all packed and ready to go. I'm just leaving my house on the Gold Coast now to drive up to Brisbane to fly out for Fiji.

I'm meeting up with the rest of the crew on the trip tonight . I'm super excited to go dive in Fiji. I have only surfed there and the reefs and the water colour are amazing.

I'll let you know how it is when i get there.